Pink Shirt Day is Tomorrow

Come and check out my newly uploaded set of Powerpoints to teach about Pink Shirt Day.

to grab your own set.

There's a simple one for K/1 about Pink Shirt Day. 

In case you aren't Canadian, there's one about Anti-bullying Day.

And there's a longer powerpoint which helps kids identify what is bullying and what is not and gives a clear definition of what bullying is.

to grab your own copy.


Hundred's Day Fun and a linky


We had a really busy week this week. 
We celebrated the 100th Day of School with a day full of fun.

We counted to 100 MANY times - by ones, by fives, by 10's.
I really like this free online hundred's chart by Splat Square
and check it out for yourself.
It makes a disgusting wet splat sound when you touch the numbers and the kids just LOVE it.

Here's some of the books we shared

And here's some of the worksheets we used.
Click here and check out this great resource from Whimsy Workshop.

Then we did rotating centres with all the classes in my wing.  My station was a 100's day Hat.

Here's some other stuff we've been working on my class this week.


And I'm linking this up with Five For Friday over at Doodlebugs teaching.  



Here are my plans for the week - don't forget you can click on them to download your own copies.  Or CLICK HERE as well.

This week will include our 100's Day.  We will be celebrating it all day Wednesday.  In the afternoon the 4 classes in my wing of 1st and 2nd graders will be having rotating centres.  I'll definitely get some photos to share with you later.

Language Arts continues on with my Guided reading groups like last week.  We are working through these great differentiated Printing books from Whimsy Worshop.

I'll admit - we didn't get to Science at all last week - with the very short week of only 3 teaching days I just couldn't fit it in.  

In math we are still working on 2 digit addition strategies - I hope to get to regrouping soon.
And Wednesday is 100's Day.   We will be using various activities from this great product - also from Whimsy Workshop.

In Socials we are just putting the final touches on our lap book made with my Flip Flap book activity.  And in Art we are continuing to add to our Art Journal.

So here we are, Monday again, and it's time for another Peek at My Week Linky by Deedee Wills.  Hop on over to check out everyone's visual plans.


Peek at My Week

This week we have a short week.  Monday is a holiday here in British Columbia.  
I always get Guided Reading done with my lowest 2 groups twice a week.  That's Green and Yellow Groups below.  I am working through Tara West's Early Readers which have 3 levels for Grade One.  So these are appropriate for my below grade level Grade Two's.  Green is the lowest group, so they are reading her easiest books, and Yellow are just slightly below grade level, so they are reading her highest level.  Blue Group are reading at or slightly above grade level, so I'm using Literacy Place from Scholastic, which my school purchased several years ago, and my strongest readers have just started a novel study on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

For Close Reading I have been working through this Close Reading set from Susan Jones. I work through it with Green and Yellow Groups, and let Blue and Red groups work through it independently.

My writing and grammar lessons are pulled from my Valentine's Day ELA unit, and as usual, we are working on the next week from the Steck Vaughn Spelling program for Grade 2.

In Math we are working on addition strategies, in order to work towards addition to 100 in the next few weeks.  In Science we are starting up a unit on States of Matter, and in Social Studies we are finishing up a mapping unit with my Flip Flap Book.   The American version is available here.

Because of Valentine's Day, we are focusing on arts and crafts for Valentine's Day and will go back to learning about the Elements of Art next week.

 Click on the photos below to get clickable images directly to the products I use.

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Last Week in a Snap!

Here's a quick peek at my last week.
We made these Dragons for Chinese New Year.  I don't have a photo of the finished product, but they mounted them on black paper and they always look so stunning up on the bulletin board.
Here's a peek of my demo on the Smart Board.  Sorry the photo is so washed out.

This comes from my unit on Chinese New Year.
to check out your own copy.

Another Art and Craft we did this week was to finish up our Valentine's Day Cards.  We are participating in the Great Canadian Valentine's Day Card Exchange.  We have been getting Valentine's cards from all over Canada, and we needed to send out 20 of our own.  I'll blog more about that next week. 

To make our cards, I punched out a ton of little hearts from bright pink and red paper.

The kids glued them all over a small card shape.  I was really impressed with their creativity.

Then I trimmed them down and the kids mounted them on a card backing.  They wrote a little message inside and we put them in the mail.

Click on the picture above or CLICK HERE to get a copy of my Valentine's Day FREEBIE!


You can also click on the pictures above, to find out about my other products.
Or you can CLICK HERE for the Language Arts for Valentine's Day
and CLICK HERE for the Paper Bag Craft.

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