Last Week in a Snap!

Here's a quick peek at my last week.
We made these Dragons for Chinese New Year.  I don't have a photo of the finished product, but they mounted them on black paper and they always look so stunning up on the bulletin board.
Here's a peek of my demo on the Smart Board.  Sorry the photo is so washed out.

This comes from my unit on Chinese New Year.
to check out your own copy.

Another Art and Craft we did this week was to finish up our Valentine's Day Cards.  We are participating in the Great Canadian Valentine's Day Card Exchange.  We have been getting Valentine's cards from all over Canada, and we needed to send out 20 of our own.  I'll blog more about that next week. 

To make our cards, I punched out a ton of little hearts from bright pink and red paper.

The kids glued them all over a small card shape.  I was really impressed with their creativity.

Then I trimmed them down and the kids mounted them on a card backing.  They wrote a little message inside and we put them in the mail.

Click on the picture above or CLICK HERE to get a copy of my Valentine's Day FREEBIE!


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