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Last week I did this cute art activity about how to draw a cartoon butterfly.
And I've put the lesson in my TPT store for FREE!

to go get your own copy.


I recently posted a complete mega unit about butterflies.
This package contains lessons and activities about

- Different kinds of butterflies
- Body parts and their uses
- What butterflies eat
- Life cycle of a butterfly
- Moth vs. Butterflies
- Facts vs opinions 
- 3 levels of mini readers for independent research
- Full color posters
- A Butterfly Facts research activity
- word wall word cards about butterflies
- brainstorming about butterflies
- informational writing about butterflies
- anchor chart headers for brainstorming
- evaluative lessons about butterflies
- directed drawing about butterflies
- 72 real photos of different kinds of butterflies
- description activities
- labelling body parts of a butterfly
- life cycle of a butterfly
- mini books to read about butterflies
- mini book to create about butterflies

This unit is stacked full of printables for easy prep.

to get your own copy

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