OWLS: Project Based Learning Through INQUIRY


I thought that Project Based Learning in Primary classrooms would be difficult, but here’s an easy approach to Inquiry which is easy to follow for teachers who are new to PBL.

A little while ago, my class did a study of OWLS. 
I decided to turn it into a Project Based Learning opportunity where the kids could learn about their favorite kind of Owl.  In order to make the research portion simpler, I created a great packet with information sheets about 14 different kinds of owls.

to get your own copy

To stimulate their interest, we arranged a visit from a local Wildlife Rehabilitation facility called OWL (Orphaned Wild Life).  They specialize in raptors, which are birds of prey.  We had a visit from a hawk and a barn owl.

They filled out the K part of the KWL sheet after a class brainstorm about what they already knew about owls.

Then we watched a variety of YouTube videos about owls - the links are in my packet.

Next they filled out the W part of the KWL worksheet.

Then I asked the kids to choose an owl to study from the information cards in the pack.
They wrote down their notes on the FACTS worksheet and then using the other outlines in my set, they were able to write a passage about their favorite owl.

The final step was to draw and paint a picture of their owl.  I used a step-by-step process which I outlined in my package.

Can you guess what kinds of owls these are??

And then finally, in British Columbia, where I work, we have a new curriculum which requires us to tie most of the curriculum to the First Nations (Indigenous) Peoples of our area.  To facilitate this, I used some pages from a coloring book that I bought and discussed with the kids how the First Nations People would draw their animals and what colours they would use.  Then I let them color in the picture with markers, crayons, and a black sharpie.  And finally we painted over it with liquid watercolor.  I think the final effect was pretty striking don't you?

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