Easy and Stunning Mother's Day Card

Free Instructions - this card was so easy to make and it looked fabulous!

I made these very cute and very bright Mother's Day cards this week with my Grade 2's.  The most important part was that we used watercolor paper that I bought at an art store.  We used 2 kinds of paint.  Liquid watercolors, and real watercolors from a tube.  We also used a white crayon.


I drew on the whiteboard the picture below me of the circle with the word MOM inside.   I explained to the kids that they were going to do this with a white crayon and it would be hard to see.  Next we used liquid watercolors to paint the circle.  Then I let it dry overnight.


The next day we finished the flower.  I added the detail to the whiteboard image above.  I explained that we were adding petals, a stem and some leaves.  Then we used real watercolors.  I showed them how to use their brush to mix the colors with white or black and how to change their colors by washing their brush in the cup of water.  Then we let them dry overnight.

Then we went back to the liquid watercolors to add the background color.  I really feel that this makes the images pop.   I mounted them on some card stock to frame them.  Then we glued them onto paper to make a card.  Cute eh?

I love how the colors look when they all blend together.  

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