Week 2 of STEAM STORIES - Little Red Apple

Welcome to my blog series on STEAM STORIES
Week 2 of a 28 week series on how to combine STEAM and ELA in the classroom

So this week started off with the children already knowing the book.  They read it to their big buddies on the Friday prior.  I decided to spread out the study of this book over 2 weeks.  The last week of September has two important events that we were celebrating at my school and I needed to make time for those events.  First, we did our Terry Fox Run.  In order to prepare for that, I needed to do some lessons on who Terry Fox was, and why we collect money and run in his memory.  The second day of importance this week was Orange Shirt Day.  This is a relatively new day of remembrance for us in Canada.  It started about 3 years ago.  We wear orange shirts to remember the indigenous children who survived the residential school program in Canada.  CLICK HERE for more information if you are interested in learning more.

Anyway, so I decided to spread out our study of Little Red Apple, and will jump to week 4 the week after.  This program is very flexible this way.  If you want to move some of the weeks around, you certainly can do this.  

So here's my dayplan for the 2 weeks.  I circled in green the lessons from STEAM STORIES

Monday Sept 23 morning:  Today we started by the children taking out their little copy of Little Red Apple and reading it to themselves at their desk.  Then I taught the vocabulary words.  The lesson is the same as Week One where the children draw a picture to match the word.  Once they were working, I pulled aside my 4 little ones who need extra help.  I sat with them and helped them work through the easier worksheet.  During this time, they each read to me individually from the lowest book.  It's a bit too hard for them, but I believe that if they learn to remember the story they think they can read the book, and this not only gives them a sense of success, but they may also pick up some more reading skills along the way.
Monday afternoon:  Today I presented the challenge.  We went through the slides and discussed ways that the kids could construct a shoe that would stay on.  The kids also filled in the planning worksheet which shows what they want to build.   When they were finished this, I got them to paint in the apple picture as part of the apple craft.  I decided this would be a 2 day craft as we needed time to let the paint dry and it was a very busy week as I already explained.  

When they were painting I suggested that they go outside some of the lines so that it was more vibrant once they cut them out (like in the photo above).

Tuesday Sept 24, morning:   Today we only had time for one activity.  The kids did the same type of worksheet as they did last week, with the word bubbles.  The kids really enjoyed this activity last week, and it was easy to motivate them to do it again.  Plus, I had turned last week's activity into a Class Book that they all loved to read.  So it was easy to get them started on this activity and then get to some guided reading lessons with my other groups.  You can use the books from this program for guided reading too, but sometimes the levels aren't a perfect match.  So I also use a variety of leveled books from our book room to supplement this.  I also turned this into a class book which the kids love reading from.  

Wednesday Sept 25 afternoon:   Today we only had time for one activity.  They finished up their Little Red Apple craft.  They totally enjoyed doing this.  It's super easy to do, and the kids were really excited to make it.  One of my kiddos asked me  about next week.  She told me she couldn't wait to find out what it was.

Thursday Sept 26, morning:   Today we only had time for one activity.  So today we did the Story Sequence activity.  You can see it on the left side of the image below.  Being able to retell the story in their own words is an essential skill for building reading comprehension.  Some of the kids are still learning this process and I also have a high number of ELL students.  So these children were allowed to copy down parts of the book to supplement their story sequence.

Friday Sept 27, afternoon:  This afternoon the children got to work creating a "shoe" that would meet the challenge.  They love doing these activities.  I must say that I absolutely love how engaged the kids are when they get to explore and build with the materials we have.  I wish I could show you pictures of them building, but I can't.  Their finished products are shown further down in this post.

Wednesday Oct 2, morning:  Today we completed the activity, My Favorite Part of the Story.  You can see a few examples of this on the right side of the picture collage above.

Wednesday afternoon:   This afternoon the kids tested their shoes to see if they could hold up to the test.  Many were successful and a few were not.  We discussed each shoe and talked about what they could change if they were to do it again.

Thursday Oct 3, afternoon:  Once all the kids had tested their shoe, we did the self-evaluation.  The kids got to think about what they liked about their shoe and what they would change.

So that's Week 2 - Little Red Apple - over 2 weeks.  We did not get a chance to pre-read the next book with out buddies because it was so busy this week.  In another week it will be Canadian Thanksgiving, so I need to make sure we get all of the Social Studies lessons related to that holiday done.  So I'm taking next week off from STEAM STORIES.  Again, this program is so flexible that you can skip a week and jump around and the kids will still learn a lot.  Come back next week for Week 4, Brown Owl.

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