About Me

It's been a long journey to this point in my life.
Here's a look at how that road has gone.

I have always loved school.  My Mom was a teacher and I was comfortable in a classroom long before I started kindergarten.  That picture on the left is me in Kindergarten.

Through high school I wore a variety of 80's looks.

from Feathered locks...

to loads of hair gel...

Pearls and tube skirts... 

to brooches and buttoned up blouses and whatever I was thinking with that one long earring...

But I loved school.  I really couldn't wait for university.

I met my BFF in university.  She became a teacher too.
I did a lot of travelling - that's us at the Calgary Stampede.  
In my university days I took a year off and went backpacking around the southern hemisphere.

My love of travelling comes from my parents.  As a kid we travelled a LOT.  And with them I have been through most of North American and Western Europe.

So back to my year in Australia.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I learned to come out of my shell and how to travel by myself.  And after a year abroad I decided to come home and study to be a teacher.  I continued to travel during my university days.   Some of the highlights of my travels are scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, riding a Cargo ship to Bora Bora, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, standing on the roof deck of the World Trade Center in New York City, kissing the Blarney Stone, going to the little town in Norway that my Grandfather was born in to meet my extended family.  I have learned to swim with sharks, jump out of an airplane, drive a Moke, go whitewater rafting, drive a 4x4 quad bike and jump from a 50 foot high pole, to a trapeeze just at my arms reach.

Anyway, I love travelling so much, that I went and did a teacher exchange in New Zealand.  I traded houses, jobs and cars with a woman from Palmerston North.  It was incredible.  I taught Kindergarten, which they call New Entrants.  I think that travelling and working in your profession is completely fascinating.  Did you know that in New Zealand, children start school on the day they turn 5 years old.  So as a kindergarten teacher I started the year with 5 students.  By the time the year was over I had 22 students.  I learned that what we think is a logical assumption, can seem completely illogical to someone from another country.  Did you know that the kids are not allowed to wear long pants on wet grass?  But that running around barefoot is completely acceptable, even in the summer.  And New Zealand has a climate similar to Seattle.  The first day of school, the Head Teacher told me that my scheduled time in the swimming pool was at 1pm.  After some discussion, it because obvious to me that I was supposed to teach the swimming lesson.  I couldn't believe it.  Thankfully I know how to swim.  Children learn to swim in New Zealand as a part of their PE curriculum, so logically, the Head Teacher assumed that I could swim.  Crazy right?

I came back with a new look on my own life.  Until that point I had spent all my savings on travel and on outdoor pursuits.  I was an avid backpacker, and snowboarder.  

I also played ice hockey (I continue to play it now).

Then I met this guy!

And this happened...

and this...

and this...

Here's a more recent photo of us all.

I currently teach Grade 2.

After my kids were born, I started papercrafting.

to check out my papercrafting blog.

I work in an inner city environment, with a phenomenal staff and I love my job.

More recently I have opened a store at Teachers Pay Teachers, and I am loving the friends I have made and all that I have learned.

to check out my store and see it for yourself.

Thanks for popping by and checking out my About Me page.

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